Tool Chest: MoveOn.Org Petitions

tool chestLaunched in 1998, describes itself as “the largest independent, progressive, digitally-connected organizing group in the United States” and has been an innovator in “online advocacy.” As an online petition signer, it looks like I receive approximately 10 messages from per month asking me to sign petitions or providing updates on petitions I have signed.

Back in 2015, I worked on an online petition for a contract campaign at Rutgers, campaign calling on university management to settle collective bargaining contracts: “It’s time for Rutgers management to refocus its priorities on our mission to provide high quality education, research, patient care and service in the interests of students, workers, and the community.”


More than 1,500 people signed the petition during the target period, which was delivered to university management and used as an organizing tool to encourage members to be more involved with their respective unions (several unions representing faculty and staff units participated in the campaign). That particular action was coordinated by one of the social media specialists at our national office, but anyone can create an account and start a petition.

If the organization decides to “feature” a campaign, it gets exposure through the site and potentially an email trial where will email it out to gauge people’s reception to the campaign. Depending on the level of engagement with the campaign, it could expand on the initial email. The targeting may be done based on geography, previous petitions signed or interested identified or gauged by

At the time of this writing, How to stop the GOP tax hike, is the most recent featured campaign and Trumpcare Again Defeated in Senate from September 26 is the most recent “victory” listed on the page dedicated to profiling wins from campaigns. also offers ffive tips for launching and promoting a campaign and a solid list of “other resources.” Many of the tips and resources identified are focused on “offline” or traditional “real-world” activities (calling key influencers, doing press outreach, running meeting, “bird-dogging” targets, etc).