Tool Chest: A bevy of options for online petitions

tool chest
There are many online petition tools, apps, sites, communities, offering comparable services to online activists. I have used several to set up petitions and letter-writing campaigns and probably signed-onto petitions on most of them and found several that provided interesting support and advice to profile.

I did separate posts for and, both of which I have some experience with and am working on posts for and, but let’s take a look at some of the support for users on more standalone petition sites:



Care2Petitions offers the following six steps for clarity. Follow the short sections below to create a powerful petition message that gets results:

  • Headline writing tips
  • Demand change, or request change?
  • Positive or Negative Tone?
  • Stop / Start / NOW!
  • Add Visual Appeal
  • Promote and Update

Get their recommendations.

positive or negative

Positive or Negative

To highlight one element of Care2Petitions recommendations, consider the dynamic of being positive or negative in a petition. They advise that either could work, depending on the situation, but remind petition writers to consider whether they are asking someone to take an action and whether going negative would create a negative backlash.



iPetitions offers a guide to petition writing with 10 steps and narrative which mix a bit of common sense (proof your work) with action theory:

  1. Write Clearly and Concisely
  2. Spell Check and Proofread
  3. Use the Power of Email
  4. Foster an Online Community
  5. Publicize your Petition Online
  6. Get Media Coverage
  7. Supplement with Offline Efforts
  8. Be Polite and Reasonable
  9. Be Practical
  10. Think Big – You Can Do It!
gopetitionlogo offers a guide to writing a petition and recommends online campaigners read through the guide before launching theirs. The site stresses research to present factual information and targeting to launch successful campaigns.