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Newspaper Coverage of the U.S. Labor Movement: The Case of Anti-Union Firings.

If the news media covered anti-labor events such as anti-union firings, the publicity potentially could galvanize community support for workers’ unionization efforts. But, when workers are illegally fired for supporting a union, do the news media cover the story? And

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Amplifying the Voices of Workers: An Organizing Model for Labor Communications

By Fred Glass Abstract Today it is technologically and financially feasible for labor to develop its own forms of advanced media production and distribution. However, a major obstacle to effective labor communications is its reliance on corporate communications models. To

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World Without Workers: Prime Time’s Presentation of Labor

The recently released Machinists’ television study confirms Mij Lieberthal observation that television maligns workers and their unions. The study concludes that the contributions of work, workers and unions to society are grossly underestimated and distorted. The purpose of this paper

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