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On the Other Hand…Nothing: The Trouble with Even-handedness

Eric Alterman The decades-long class war being waged by corporate America and the superrich on the rest of us has been aided tremendously by the media’s tendency to treat both sides as if they are guilty of what only one

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Fox: The Liars’ Network

Eric Alterman In July 1999 Vice President Al Gore paddled down the Connecticut River in New Hampshire to spread what then–Rolling Stone reporter Eric Boehlert termed “his green theme of protecting the environment” while posing for the obvious photo-op. His

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Happy Birthday, Rupert Murdoch!

Eric Alterman Take a step back from contemporary American political debate and it’s not hard to conclude that our political class has gone insane. Tax giveaways to the wealthiest Americans as the deficit rages out of control. Attacks on underpaid

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Wisconsin: The Conservative Class War, Part III

Eric Alterman The conservative class war on the American middle class and poor has seen three stages, with each building on the previous one. The first, begun in the late 1960s and early ’70s, involved the creation of a series

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The Conservative Class War, Continued

Eric Alterman It was a terrible tabloid tale. While New York City was buried under a blizzard, widows and orphans freezing and starving in their apartments, union fat cats swigged brewskis and chuckled to themselves as sanitation workers conspired to

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Journalism’s Age of Shame

Eric Alterman The black political art of “working the refs” with constant and vociferous complaints of “liberal bias” in the media has a long and distinguished history. Few of its practitioners, however, have succeeded so frequently—and nakedly—as the ex-Drudge drudge

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What’s Really Wrong With the MSM?

Eric Alterman Of course, far more is wrong with the mainstream media than can be described, or even enumerated, in one column. But let’s give it a shot, using only items that have come up since my last column, all

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All Rupert, All the Time

Eric Alterman That American journalism is facing so many crises simultaneously has the effect of immobilizing a concerted response to any of them. From the Administration’s war on the press, to the relentless attention lavished on Paris and Britney, to

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