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The two David Carrs: A Times columnist rises to fame

By Michael Massing Since joining The New York Times in 2002, David Carr has become America’s most visible and influential writer on the media. His weekly “Media Equation” column is closely followed by people in the industry. Last year, he

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The Cozy Compliance of the News Corp. Board

By DAVID CARR If you sat on the board of a company that was raked over the coals by a British parliamentary committee in a 121-page document, accused of a pattern of corporate misconduct that included widespread phone hacking and

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Screenwriters Take to Picket Lines as Strike Begins

By DAVID CARR, BROOKS BARNES and MICHAEL CIEPLY, NY Times. […] But instead of hard hats and work boots, the people on the pickets had arty glasses and fancy scarves. “A lot of the public probably feels like we are

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