Rich Media: Union Edge Podcast

Charles Showalter and co-hosts Angela Baughman and Brittany Sheets are prolific broadcasters on Union Edge: Labor’s Talk Radio.

I never checked back before working on this blog post, but it looks like the site still has podcasts archived all the way back to early 2009 available for downloading. I am a regular current listener to the Union Edge podcast stream and appreciate the emphasis on a working class perspective on political, social and economic issues throughout the years.

On their Dec. 11 podcast, Showalter features Kentucky AFL-CIO President Bill Londrigan addressing the Governor’s push to shift public employees from a true pension system (defined benefit) to a 401k-style (defined contribution) system. The Governor wants to call a special session to push through the switch.

The political dynamic is comparable there to New Jersey, where the Governor’s commission recommended moving public workers out of the state pension system. New Jersey’s Democratic majority legislators are unlikely to make such a move in lame-duck, but Kentucky is another story and the trend in public employment is to do away with defined benefit retirement systems since people are generally living longer and investment bankers can make more money out of 401k’s.