Oppo Research: How Unions Are Organizing Your Employees On Social Media Right Now

oppo: Social Media Organizing Billboard

Good recommendation from the folks at the “Unionproof” blog suggesting making organizations good places to work: “One of the best ways an employer can prevent union organizing is to ensure that the employee morale is high.”

Additionally, for those of us who believe every workers deserves a union, the blog cites factors that favor unionization such as millennials high approval of unions and use of social media, coordination with national unions through social media and favorable NLRB rulings on social media (NOTE: I could not determine when this article was posted as NLRB will likely reverse organizing-friendly decisions under Trump appointees).

Even if it is a sales pitch for their online reports and training, it is helpful to see the characterization of how anti-union consultants describe union’s ability to organize through social media. It is equally important to keep an eye on the union avoidance industry to gauge what active opposition workers’ organizations face.

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