Guild study finds labor missing on TV news

If you think you don’t see much coverage of unions on national television news, you’re not wrong. A new study finds that, over a three-year period, ABC, CBS, NBC and CNN aired just 141 stories in which unions and the labor movement were either the primary or secondary topic. That’s out of an estimated 16,000 news stories aired on the four networks, so less than 0.3 percent of all news stories.

The study, conducted by Federico Subervi of the Texas State University School of Journalism and Communications and commissioned by The Newspaper Guild, found that it’s not just that unions didn’t get much attention in the news. Coverage of labor issues often didn’t include any union point of view, with CBS not using even one union source in 24 percent of its stories on labor; NBC omitted union voices from 19 percent of the stories, ABC from 10 percent and CNN from 9 percent.

(find the link to the study and CWA Newspaper Guild article about the study at the link below)

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