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With a staff moderator, DailyKos Labor has a regular stream of posts on working conditions and legislation impacting the working class. It is a section of DailyKos, which describes itself:

Daily Kos has the largest audience in liberal media, ranked a top-100 site in the United States by Quantcast among ALL sites, with 18.5 million unique visitors and over 80 million page views in November 2016. We have an email list that is 3 million strong—1 million of that accumulated just since the election. Our content is typically viewed by 60 million people on Facebook every week, with about 20 million engaging with it (commenting, sharing, liking).

Last week’s Labor Digest (12/7/17) features content from Working In These Times, Dissent Magazine, and Labor Notes so they are pulling articles from labor activists and journalists there in addition to corporate media and little known outlets such as the failing New York Times (lol).

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