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Tool Chest: ActionNetwork


I have been using ActionNetwork for the past two years for email management, online petitions and letter-writing and events signup. The tool allows for uploading members from spreadsheets and imports activists who sign petitions or sign up to attend events.

Tool Chest: A bevy of options for online petitions


There are many online petition tools, apps, sites, communities, offering comparable services to online activists. I have used several to set up petitions and letter-writing campaigns and probably signed-onto petitions on most of them and found several that provided interesting

Tool Chest: Petition site logo

Boosting more than 100 million users in 196 countries, seems ubiquitous in online campaigning, but the New York Times still has to ask in reference to online petitions: Are they effective? At TEDxBrum, Kat Sladden, a senior campaigner at

Tool Chest: MoveOn.Org Petitions


Launched in 1998, describes itself as “the largest independent, progressive, digitally-connected organizing group in the United States” and has been an innovator in “online advocacy.” As an online petition signer, it looks like I receive approximately 10 messages from