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Rich Media: Cyberunions Podcast

tech workers organize

Cyberunions Episode 93: Tech workers can organize…? Listen (1:10:54) >> Discussion of organizing principles and focus on tech workers including in latest edition of long-running podcast series. Available in a multiple of digital audio formats.

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Rich Media: IBEW Hour Power


Through the power of social media the IBEW has a chance to virtually strengthen and grow the brotherhood. Spread the good news about the brotherhood by forwarding an Hour Power video to a friend, post an Hour Power video to

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Rich Media: Social Media for Unions


 Watch (27:25) >> Talking heads video of Union Solidarity International brothers talking high-level political theory and on the ground tactics from Facebook and other social media platforms. Video critique: No visual variation. Straight video of talking heads. Feel free

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Rich Media: Stories Of Solidarity-Labor Using Social Media To Get Stories Out At 2013 AFL-CIO Convention


Watch (8:58) >> At the 2013 AFL-CIO convention a display and project titled Stories of Solidarity showed how social media can be used to get workers stories out about their lives and conditions. The social media project was organized by

Rich Media: AFL-CIO Launches Social Media Tool for Wisconsin Recall


 Watch (2:36) >> Posted by the conservative MacIverInstitute, this video looks like “oppo research” exposing what the institute characterizes as “big labor’s” tool linking up users (presumably labor union members) “friends and neighbors” (FAN) through Facebook matching. I’m not

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