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News Analysis: BART Strike Lights Up Social Media


Watch (1:03) >> News analysis of Bay Area Rapid Transit (BART) strike starts with consumerist perspective (citizens post photos of waiting on lines or empty common areas), then includes references to strike press conference and photos of workers.

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First contract for airport screeners merits debate of collective bargaining

After laying out the facts in a first graph, Steve Strunsky of The Star-Ledger cites “Opponents of collective bargaining in Congress and the Bush Administration had argued that union representation would limit the agency’s flexibility in managing TSA employees, and

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Teachers faulted for outsourcing secretaries

In a Bergen Record article posted online Monday night, Englewood teachers reject deal on outsourcing Rebecca Baker blames teachers for refusing pay freezes and other concessions “knowing that they may have cost nearly 100 secretaries and classroom assistants their jobs.”

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Local TV News–Now With Ice Cream!

Peter Hart at FAIR reports a new survey about more local TV news: For the fourth year in a row, the latest RTDNA/Hofstra University Annual Survey found that the average television station set a new record for the amount of

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The two David Carrs: A Times columnist rises to fame

By Michael Massing Since joining The New York Times in 2002, David Carr has become America’s most visible and influential writer on the media. His weekly “Media Equation” column is closely followed by people in the industry. Last year, he

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On the Other Hand…Nothing: The Trouble with Even-handedness

Eric Alterman The decades-long class war being waged by corporate America and the superrich on the rest of us has been aided tremendously by the media’s tendency to treat both sides as if they are guilty of what only one

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Fox News’ False Statements

Fox News turns into a lying dynasty when PolitiFact checks the news network for false statements. The Daily Show with Jon Stewart Mon – Thurs 11p / 10c Fox News’ False Statements Daily Show Full Episodes Political Humor &

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The Conservative Class War, Continued

Eric Alterman It was a terrible tabloid tale. While New York City was buried under a blizzard, widows and orphans freezing and starving in their apartments, union fat cats swigged brewskis and chuckled to themselves as sanitation workers conspired to

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Journalism’s Age of Shame

Eric Alterman The black political art of “working the refs” with constant and vociferous complaints of “liberal bias” in the media has a long and distinguished history. Few of its practitioners, however, have succeeded so frequently—and nakedly—as the ex-Drudge drudge

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Media Ignoring Labor Union Successes

By Randy Shaw Labor unions have had some tremendous successes in recent weeks, but you would never know this from the mainstream media. The Teamsters won bargaining rights for 7600 workers at Continental Airlines, which only rated a small non-bylined

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