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Management cashes out; Gov. vetoes legislation…Politicos blame unions

The Newark Star-Ledger quotes GOP State Senator Cardinale blaming unions for holding up sick time payout reform, but then refers to a report documenting payouts to five police chiefs and one captain. Collectively bargained payouts are much less and state

Writing Unions Out of the Story on Fighting Poverty

By Peter Hart The New York Times (6/4/14) took a look at one of the economic puzzles of the last few decades: If growth has been strong, why aren’t we seeing a greater reduction in poverty? Interestingly, the research the

News Analysis: BART Strike Lights Up Social Media


Watch (1:03) >> News analysis of Bay Area Rapid Transit (BART) strike starts with consumerist perspective (citizens post photos of waiting on lines or empty common areas), then includes references to strike press conference and photos of workers.

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REPORT: Partisanship And Diversity On The Sunday Shows In 9 Charts

The four broadcast networks’ Sunday morning political talk shows guests skewed right during the first quarter of 2013. MSNBC’s two Sunday programs featured far greater gender and ethnic diversity in its guests than the broadcast programs and CNN’s Sunday morning

Guild study finds labor missing on TV news

If you think you don’t see much coverage of unions on national television news, you’re not wrong. A new study finds that, over a three-year period, ABC, CBS, NBC and CNN aired just 141 stories in which unions and the


The Daily Show with Jon StewartGet More: Daily Show Full Episodes,Political Humor & Satire Blog,The Daily Show on Facebook Looking to buy the Los Angeles Times, Rupert Murdoch applies for a waiver to circumvent the media consolidation law that was

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Pew State of the Media 2012

Last week, Pew Research released a report on the media 2012, showing a continuation of trends in media consolidation. I will be including key findings and the info graphic from in the first presentation Saturday. Overview In 2012, a continued

New organizing: GOP blames public sector union for rising college tuition

An article in the Sacramento Bee about pending legislation allowing research assistants to unionize in the California state system gives balance by allowing Republican to object to the bill (and unionization), which they said would further drive up rapidly rising

First contract for airport screeners merits debate of collective bargaining

After laying out the facts in a first graph, Steve Strunsky of The Star-Ledger cites “Opponents of collective bargaining in Congress and the Bush Administration had argued that union representation would limit the agency’s flexibility in managing TSA employees, and

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Teachers faulted for outsourcing secretaries

In a Bergen Record article posted online Monday night, Englewood teachers reject deal on outsourcing Rebecca Baker blames teachers for refusing pay freezes and other concessions “knowing that they may have cost nearly 100 secretaries and classroom assistants their jobs.”

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