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First contract for airport screeners merits debate of collective bargaining

After laying out the facts in a first graph, Steve Strunsky of The Star-Ledger cites “Opponents of collective bargaining in Congress and the Bush Administration had argued that union representation would limit the agency’s flexibility in managing TSA employees, and

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Teachers faulted for outsourcing secretaries

In a Bergen Record article posted online Monday night, Englewood teachers reject deal on outsourcing Rebecca Baker blames teachers for refusing pay freezes and other concessions “knowing that they may have cost nearly 100 secretaries and classroom assistants their jobs.”

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Combatting Negative Views of Unions: A Defense of Labor Studies

by Victor G. Devinatz While visiting a friend in a prosperous western suburb of Chicago in early September 1999, I decided to attend the city’s Labor Day parade. As a labor relations professor, I was looking forward to this event,

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Amplifying the Voices of Workers: An Organizing Model for Labor Communications

By Fred Glass Abstract Today it is technologically and financially feasible for labor to develop its own forms of advanced media production and distribution. However, a major obstacle to effective labor communications is its reliance on corporate communications models. To

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Killing News in Motor City

Thomas Frank From the A.F.L.-C.1.0.’s freelance political commercials to the romance of Union Summer, organized labor seems to have achieved a visibility unthinkable only a few years ago. If the passing attention of the media is any evidence, labor is

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