All Rupert, All the Time

Eric Alterman

That American journalism is facing so many crises simultaneously has the effect of immobilizing a concerted response to any of them. From the Administration’s war on the press, to the relentless attention lavished on Paris and Britney, to the domination of “serious” punditocracy discourse by friends and acolytes of the discredited Bill Kristol, to the way the upstart blogosphere has all but destroyed the prestige and authority of so many of the “wise men” with aggressive fact-checking and relentless questioning, to the fact that young people are more likely to be killed by terrorists than to buy a daily newspaper subscription or turn on the evening news–there are more problems than any one person can hope to address. Meanwhile, corporate owners are demanding 20 percent profit margins every year, thereby forcing cuts in coverage and diminishing the product, giving people even less reason to read or tune in. All one can really do is press on and hope for a miracle.


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