30 Rock page strike episode


Kenneth declares a page strike after Jack asks him to lie on his time card in order to comply with new rules saying pages can’t work over 16 hours a day. This is the last thing Jack needs, while dealing with trying to find a new actor for the show. After discovering how much money Jack’s bonus is worth, the strike escalates to the pages carrying signs and chanting outside 30 Rock.

After Jack’s plan to get Len the private investigator involved in ending the page strike doesn’t work, he decides to pay Kenneth a visit at his apartment. Jack plays dirty and tells Kenneth that if the pages aren’t back to work Monday morning, he’s shutting down the entire program.

Monday morning, Jack finds more picketers than ever before. Kenneth tells Jack that if he’s supportive of lying, how does he know Jack isn’t lying about ending the page program. All Kenneth asks of Jack is to admit he’s a liar and the strike will end. Jack does just that and the strike is called off. Though, now, the pages are beginning wonder why they were striking at all.

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