Community: Labor Notes


Labor Notes is a media and organizing project that has been the voice of union activists who want to put the movement back in the labor movement since 1979. Online, Labor Notes, has the best case studies and practical tools

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Community: Portside Labor

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Explicitly left in ideology, Portside “aims to provide material of interest to people on the left that will help them to interpret the world and to change it” and the Labor section tends to pick up articles more focused on

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Community: DailyKos Labor


With a staff moderator, DailyKos Labor has a regular stream of posts on working conditions and legislation impacting the working class. It is a section of DailyKos, which describes itself: Daily Kos has the largest audience in liberal media, ranked

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Rich Media: Dissent Magazine’s ‘Belabored’ Podcast

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Starting in 2013, labor journalist Sarah Jaffee has been broadcasting the Belabored podcast, first with Josh Eidelson, then starting in late 2013 with Michelle Chen. Several of my colleagues were particularly interested in the show when it started, seeing it

Rich Media: Union Edge Podcast

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Charles Showalter and co-hosts Angela Baughman and Brittany Sheets are prolific broadcasters on Union Edge: Labor’s Talk Radio. I never checked back before working on this blog post, but it looks like the site still has podcasts archived all the

Oppo Research: How Unions Are Organizing Your Employees On Social Media Right Now

Good recommendation from the folks at the “Unionproof” blog suggesting making organizations good places to work: “One of the best ways an employer can prevent union organizing is to ensure that the employee morale is high.” Additionally, for those of

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Tool Chest: ActionNetwork


I have been using ActionNetwork for the past two years for email management, online petitions and letter-writing and events signup. The tool allows for uploading members from spreadsheets and imports activists who sign petitions or sign up to attend events.

Action Alert: takes a stand for ‘Net neutrality

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While generally disclaiming it’s role as an advocacy organization rather than a tool,’s spoke out for the importance of ‘Net neutrality  is highlighting the #NetNeutrality hashtag and tweeting: We believe #netneutrality is key to our mission of providing a petition platform

Tool Chest: A bevy of options for online petitions


There are many online petition tools, apps, sites, communities, offering comparable services to online activists. I have used several to set up petitions and letter-writing campaigns and probably signed-onto petitions on most of them and found several that provided interesting

Tool Chest: Petition site logo

Boosting more than 100 million users in 196 countries, seems ubiquitous in online campaigning, but the New York Times still has to ask in reference to online petitions: Are they effective? At TEDxBrum, Kat Sladden, a senior campaigner at